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Mastermind Cognitive Training: Train Your Brain

Mastermind Cognitive Training

Cognitive Training

It takes more than raw talent to get to the next level and achieve your goals. The world's top performers across diverse settings are taking advantage of an untapped edge; THE BRAIN. Mastermind provides individuals at all ages and skill levels access to comprehensive cognitive performance training in one dynamic, engaging, and fun program. Reach peak performance by building foundational skills necessary to maximize your abilities and live a sharper life. Whether an athlete aiming for excellence, a student striving for academic success, or or simply someone looking to stay mentally sharp, we have the program tailored for you. Embrace the journey to a sharper, more capable you with Mastermind.



When you register with Mastermind, you receive access to both our Virtual Reality and Tablet platforms, so you have the option to train when, where, and how you want.

Improve Your Performance with Mastermind

The Future of Performance Training is Here

At Mastermind Cognitive Training, we enhance your skills using cutting-edge neuroscience, advanced eye-strengthening techniques, and the latest in virtual reality and tablet technology. Our innovative, self-guided brain training program is designed in a gamified format to make your journey to success engaging and effective. Access robust cognitive training instantly through the Mastermind app. Whether you want to train with Meta Quest Virtual Reality, or if you prefer training via Apple or Android Tablet, our program can take you to the next level of performance. Register now on our website, then download from the Meta Quest or tablet app store, and start your training from the comfort of your own home. 

Begin today by clicking the "Register Now" button and embark on the most advanced and exhilarating training available. Mastermind focuses on building the foundational skills necessary for you to perform at your best. Our program is tailored to help individuals of all ages and skill levels achieve their goals and improve. Now is the time to seize your competitive edge and unleash the power of your brain!

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What is Cognitive Training

Cognitive training is like a workout for your brain. Just as you exercise to keep your muscles strong and healthy, cognitive training involves doing specific activities and games that help improve your neuro abilities. These activities can sharpen skills like the speed of intake and processing information, enhancing focus, improving memory, driving faster reaction time, and more.                                                                      

The science behind cognitive training is called neuroplasticity, which is the ability to reorganize and create new, more efficient, pathways in the brain. This training can be adapted to various applications and situations including sports performance, education, business/work, and in life, with the goal of working out the brain and body together to become more efficient, allowing you to prepare better and perform your best!

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Reach your potential

Why train with Mastermind

Our training program is designed to support individuals at any age or level to enhance brain functions critical for processing visual and auditory input, making quick decisions, and reacting swiftly. Additionally, it includes comprehensive eye movement and strengthening exercises to improve eye control, making tasks like object tracking and reading more efficient. These exercises help prevent eye fatigue, promote better eye coordination, and boost visual eye-brain processing speed.

Mastermind offers two platforms for our training program: Virtual Reality and Tablet-based options. Using Virtual Reality technology (Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro) provides a fully immersive 360-degree experience. The program features 39 distinct training games, 5 eye movement protocols, initial and ongoing assessments, and extensive onboarding and usage tutorials. With a gaming format that feels like playing a video game that is good for you, our VR platform delivers unlimited features, depth, and functionality necessary for a comprehensive brain and body training experience.

For those on the go or without access to VR equipment, the tablet version (Apple iPad and Android) offers the same powerful cognitive and eye movement training in the palm of your hands. It includes many features of the VR program, minus the 360-degree immersion and extensive physical movement, ensuring effective training in flexible locations. Both program platform offerings are focused on impacting the same cognitive and eye movement skills necessary to improve your performance. Allowing you to train via virtual reality, via tablet, or both, our program allows you to train how, when, and where you want. 

The Mastermind program enhances your ability to focus, process, and execute effectively, allowing you to perform at your best when it matters most. The skills developed through our training benefit various areas including sports, academics, professional settings, memory, and overall life.

Become a Mastermind Partner

The Mastermind Cognitive Training Program is designed to help individuals reach their peak performance and achieve their goals. We offer an excellent opportunity to integrate cutting-edge cognitive training and eye-strengthening exercises into your organization. Partnering with us means making a positive impact on your team, players, students, employees, or patients. Potential partners include:

  1. Sports organizations, training facilities, and athletic teams
  2. Schools, universities, educators, and tutoring centers
  3. Aging and clinical facilities for patient care
  4. Business for employee development
  5. Public Service organizations

Benefits of partnering with Mastermind include:

  1. Differentiating your program from competitors
  2. Enhancing user and team performance and outcomes
  3. Attracting new clients
  4. Offering a self-guided program with minimal oversight
  5. Providing training across ages and skill levels with auto-leveling features
  6. Attracting top talent
  7. Receiving ongoing training and support for your staff and users
  8. Allowing individuals to train at home or on-site with minimal space and flexible equipment requirements
  9. Engaging in cross-promotion of brands
  10. Offering special discount pricing

Discover how the Mastermind program can elevate your organization’s success. Our demo sessions provide a great opportunity to ask specific questions and design a partnership program tailored to your needs. Now is the time to Elevate Your Game!

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