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Mastermind cognitive Training

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Embrace the Future of Cognitive Performance Training

Cognitive training, along with eye movement and strengthening exercises, have great benefits related to school and educational performance improvement. Improving critical skills like focus and attention, working memory and recognition, visual and auditory processing, and eye control are critical to a student’s success. The Mastermind Cognitive Training program is an easy and effective way to bring brain training to your students, school, or facility. We have a program specifically designed for education and are ready to make a difference in helping students achieve their potential and goals.


Why Mastermind

We offer flexible options for educators and schools that want to integrate Mastermind Cognitive Training. Below is a list of benefits to partnering with Mastermind.

  • Improve student learning performance
  • Drive improved focus and attention in class and with homework
  • Strengthen eye control and movement for reading.
  • Attract new clients
  • Differentiate your program or school
  • Self guided program with minimal oversight
  • Ongoing training and support to teachers, facility, and students
  • Students can train at home or in facility with minimal space and equipment requirements
  • Cross promotion of brands
  • Offer special discount pricing
  • New profit center with revenue sharing

Learn how Mastermind Sports can partner with you and make a difference.